The president of the National Limousine Association says with more big events coming back along with a rental car shortage, their business is growing by the week.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — The chauffeur industry is seeing an uptick in clientele.

More events that were canceled last year are back in the books, increasing the demand for limousine services.

The National Limousine Association (NLA) president, Robert Alexander, said business is growing every week.

“We can not hire quick enough,” said Alexander, who is also the Founder and CEO of RMA Worldwide Chauffeured Transportation.

With major car rental companies selling off their fleets last year, a microchip shortage this year for auto manufacturers and more people booking trips, rental cars are being booked by the minute.

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The high demand for rental cars, Alexander explained, causes prices to go up. Because of that, he says many consumers are utilizing different modes of transportation.